Frequently asked questions

What info do you need to send to begin a project?

 To begin a project, we need the CAD files and a set of PDF plans. These two documents work hand in hand with each other and are crucial to the map and modeling process. 

If I don’t have all the files, can I send what I have?

 Absolutely. By sending whatever files you have, we may be able to get an idea of the project, completion time, and price. 

What if there is a revision?

 If there is a revision to a previous completed project, we ask that you CC all files to with an idea of when it is needed by.  

How do I upload my files?

 We have created a client portal for our clients to upload and download files. You can access this portal by selecting ‘Client Portal’ along the top bar on this site. Next, enter your email and the password provided to you by Andie in our office. If you do not remember your password, please contact and we can provide you with it.  

Sharefile Client Portal

Where are my completed files?

 All completed files are placed in our Sharefile Client Portal. The files remain in there for 60 days and then expire. If needed, we can always re-post the files into the portal to make them available for another 60 days.  

How long for a typical model to be completed?

 We typically plan about two weeks to work on maps and models. If you have an earlier deadline, we are always willing to try and accommodate, but ask you to make that request upfront.