How to upload and download files

Sending and Receiving Files using our Sharefile Client Portal

We use to keep file communications between us and our clients in one central location.

Sharefile Client Portal

- Before sending files -

Please make sure you have been set up with an account within our portal. If you have not, please email Andie at If you have any issues resetting your password or uploading/downloading, please reach out to Andie.

What files do we need / where to put the files

To begin any project, we always need the most up to date PDF plan set along with design CAD files, including original survey basemapping and control points. If the files do not contain the original control (survey baseline), please request a points file (.csv, .txt).  Until we have this information, we will not be able to complete your file. 

When you log into Sharefile, you will see two folders. One folder is labeled 'Completed Files' and the other is labeled 'Upload to Tripoint'. Please place ALL new job files (and files that pertain to an existing job) into the 'Upload to Tripoint' folder. 

After sending files

After you have uploaded files, we will review them and send over a request if any additional information is needed. If we do not receive the information that is needed, we will not be able to complete the request. If you have any specifications regarding particular areas of a site or a due date, please email Andie at so we can be sure this information is sent to our modelers.  

Completed files and site visits

 When we have completed a job, we will create a folder with the jobs name in 'Completed Files". We have set our clients to receive a notification when something is uploaded into 'Completed Files' and you will also receive an email with reminder instructions of how to access the files.  If you need to schedule us on site, please email Andie at click below.

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