Our Services


Data Prep


Tri-Point specializes in prepping data to work for your automated machines and data collectors. Using the designer’s CAD files and the paper plans for the project we will produce a layout map and grading surface that is ready to load into your equipment.

We start by cleaning the CAD of drafting errors and checking it against the plans. We then relayer the information so the program can easily interpret the layers. We ensure the linework can be seen and easily selected for stakeout in the field. Upon request we can also provide 3D linework for pipe runs and other critical structures.

After cleaning up the CAD file we then produce a 3D Finish Grade surface of the project that will give you grade across the entire project. We can also develop sub-grade surfaces for roadways and other projects where the sub-grade doesn’t mirror the finish grade.

Have a unique project? Just contact us and we will work with you to get the data you need so that your machines can go to work.


Construction Layout

 Our field crews will provide all of your onsite layout needs, and GPS localizations for your machine control. We ensure structures are built according to plan by using advanced technology for seamless execution. As all project managers know, the layout needs to be crystal-clear as it serves as the foundation of the project and we can help make that happen.  


Aerial Photogrammetry


Topographical maps can serve a great purpose during construction planning, but the cost of doing this by foot can be exponential. This is where Tri-Point comes in... We offer Aerial Photogrammetry services, which enable an entity to gather topo data quickly to produce these maps. Using advanced technology we are able to precisely piece together your property whether large or small. Some instances where this service can come in handy include, but are not limited to: 

land development, city planning, and environmental research.


 If you have been provided with electronic files with your bid documents, Tri-Point can make the existing and proposed surfaces and provide you with cuts and fills to sub-grade or finish grade and modify the final volumes with any other features necessary; such as topsoil stripping and replacement, road sub-grades, etc. 



Tri-Point can assist in helping your company bridge the gap between the office and the field in the area of:

  • Creating surface models
  • Line work mapping
  • Points files to use in your field equipment


 Tri-Point can provide you with an accurate layout map and surface model to be used with any of your site layout equipment such as GPS rovers, robotic total stations and machine automation. This data is created using the engineer provided electronic files and will represent all the sections, profiles and details provided in the paper plans.